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Ways to Stay Connected During Self Isolation

Ways to Stay Connected During Self Isolation

Let's Stay Connected

While more and more people are choosing to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus, maintaining strong connections can seem harder to manage, leaving many feeling lonely and isolated. During this time, it is more important than ever to look out for our mental health, as it has a direct impact on our overall physical health. There are plenty of ways to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, turning social distancing into distant socializing — Here's how:

Reconnect With Yourself

Now is the time to strengthen our relationship with and understanding of ourselves. So many of us are used to constantly being around people day in and day out that actually spending time alone can feel strange. Reconnect with yourself by reading that book you've had on your shelf for a while, spending more time on your hobby, meditating, or whatever else you've been wanting to try.

Catch Up With Old Friends

Take advantage of having time away from the people you see on a daily basis and reach out to reconnect with friends or family that live far away with whom you would like to speak more often. Hop on social media, or give them a call and catch up. During this time of uncertainty, everyone is looking for a strong support group, so they will most likely appreciate it.

Connect at Home

It's easy to feel isolated even if you live with others, especially when everyone is working and keeping up with their own projects. Plan some group activities like baking, movie nights, board games, at-home exercise sessions, and more that will bring your household together for even a short amount of time.

Keep Up With Colleagues

Make the transition to working from home as easy as possible by maintaining an open line of communication with your colleagues. Set times to chat online or hold frequent conference calls and digital meetings. Not only will this help to keep everyone on track; it will also make you feel less lonely during your workday.

Support Others

This is a tough time for everyone, and the need for us to support one another is now more important than ever. Reach out to others with compassion, donate to causes you believe in, and offer assistance to those in need. Through helping others, you will feel more useful and in control of your situation, which is important for maintaining optimal mental health.

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