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Provide. Preserve. Protect.

From medical masks to face shields and more, we have the supplies you need to keep yourself safe and protected. It is our goal to create a convenient way for everyone to access the high quality personal protective equipment they need, while lending support however we can — especially to our frontline healthcare heroes fighting this virus every day. We’re partnering with the nonprofit #GetUsPPE to combat the critical shortages currently faced by frontline workers all over the country by donating one piece of equipment for every piece purchased across all of our products. Stock up and contribute today.

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Fortes Health is officially registered with the FDA and follows all standard supplier and distribution guidelines.

Our History

With decades of experience in producing and procuring products from manufacturing facilities around the world, ensuring our customers receive the highest-quality products and services has always been at the forefront of everything we do, which has enabled us to build a supportive and loyal customer base for over the past 35 years. 

Throughout our decades of experience, we have carefully honed best practices for servicing accounts and can offer best-in-class support with the following resources:


Our seasoned team ensures precision and efficiency on all orders with an accuracy of over 99% and can expertly execute the following tasks: Receive and process goods, check for accuracy of shipments, enter inventory into our system and communicate any discrepancies. Schedule and coordinate shipments to buyers while actively tracking outbound orders by working directly with carriers. Deliver projections on auto-replenishment units.

Warehouse Facilities

With over 60,000 sq. Ft. of domestic warehouse space and over 150,000 sq. Ft. of warehouse distribution internationally, we have the capability to quickly and accurately pick, pack and ship hundreds of orders daily with an error rate of under 1% while ensuring quality control through frequent spot inspections of all products.

Account Management / Customer Service

A dedicated team of detail-oriented account managers can offer support with gathering real time information about existing business to provide quick-response troubleshooting, utilizing market knowledge to make personalized account recommendations, and providing support.

Who We Support