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Restaurant Employee and Customer Safety Recommendations

Some states are now beginning the process of opening up and are starting to give businesses and restaurants the green light to resume operations. If you’re eager to get your restaurant ready to let people back through the door, here are some helpful guidelines and suggestions on how to use protective equipment, as well as daily operation changes to keep both your employees and your customers as safe as possible while in your establishment.

Employee Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Recommendations

The CDC now recommends all people wear masks or face coverings when they expect to be close to others, including when on the job. Providing your employees with the proper equipment to protect themselves and others will create a safer, more comfortable environment for everyone in your establishment. Here are our recommendations on PPE use for restaurant employees:

Face Masks

As recommended by the CDC, all employees should be wearing face masks or coverings while in your establishment to help halt the spread of potentially-infectious respiratory droplets that result from coughing, sneezing and even breathing. We suggest supplying your employees with a disposable face mask to use throughout their shift, changing it out if it becomes damp, soiled or damaged in any way.

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Face Shields

A transparent plastic visor that covers the entirety of the face including the eyes, mouth and nose, face shields are a possible alternative to face masks you may opt for if you would like the faces of your employees to remain visible. For hosts or servers, using face shields can help keep communication with customers clear and inviting.

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In accordance to FDA requirements, gloves should be used by employees when handling prepared, ready-to-eat foods to minimize bare hand contact. Although these guidelines have not changed during this time, gloves can be used as an extra precaution to protect your employees and guests. We recommend supplying gloves when employees clean tables after guest departure, to minimize risk of viral exposure.

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For recommendations on the actions you should take to maintain a safer environment for restaurant employees and customers, download and print our handy checklists.

For more detailed information, stay up-to-date on guides and recommendations provided by the FDA and CDC. Most importantly, always reference rules and regulations mandated by your state and local governments to ensure you are in compliance before resuming operations.