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Have not received

We have still not received the masks.

KN95 Respirator Face Mask (20/box at $1.00/piece)

Pros and cons

These masks fit my 12 year old daughter well and she is able to tolerate the thin elastic around her ears for an extended period of time.

I however find these masks just a bit too small for my face and the thin elastic around my ears quickly becomes intolerable.

If your face/head is larger this is not the mask for you. If your face/head is in the average to small range, you’ll be ok.

the best

we are so happy with the new masks .

Fit Well

The mask seems to be good quality, and gives a nice close fit around the face. The straps are a bit tight and can be slightly uncomfortable around the ears after an hour or two of continuous wear. Although most mask wearing feels this way to me on my round face. Would buy again.

Eat loops too short

I was looking forward to receiving these masks; I find the fish mouth style the most comfortable. But the ear loops are so short that I really can’t wear them even for a short time. Ears hurt right away. Very disappointed.

KN95 Respirator Face Mask

I have purchased several boxes of these over the course of the pandemic. Handed them to my children to wear when their father stopped by with “the flu” in October 2020, which the next day we learned was actually Covid. They fortunately did not contract it. I along with my middle and high schooler wear these comfortably. Wish the child sized would come back in stock for my first grader. They were great, too!

Love these masks!!!

Great, snug fit and very comfortable…a real winner!

KN95 masks - excellent

my husband and I have been ordering KN95 masks from Fortes since the beginning of the pandemic. They were recommended to us by an ER nurse. they are great masks and the service has been excellent. easy purchasing interface and fast delivery. the masks are form fitting and not as awkward as other KN95's. plus they donate PPE as well as sell.

Excellent mask

Very good fit. And very comfortable. Didn’t seem to have any escape openings.

Very eased with quick delivery and quality of product. Nice snug fit around chin but not around your mouth.

Customer Service and ease of use with masks

I am 83 years old. The masks make wearing glasses easier and the fit always works to cover below the chin as well as the nose guard. These have been the most effective KN95 masks I have found. Also, I had an issue with one order and customer service took care of everything easily, quickly and certainly to my satisfaction. I highly recommend these masks.

Bands Break

The masks fit well but the elastic bands are fragile and break far too easily, even when being very careful with them.

Best mask I have used so far

These masks are by far the easiest to breath in and to talk in. They aren’t resting against your mouth so the comfort level is really quite good.

Great coverage.

Perfect fit and great coverage on all sides.

My grand kids love these.

The mask fits their faces. It covers from under the chin to the top of their nose.
They stay in place and are easy to breathe thru.
There are no complaints about wearing them to class, church, or grocery shopping. I am very pleased that Fortes restocked them.

82 yo. At last I can wear a good protective mask instead of the blue ones. Or cloth ones. I can breathe!!!!!! This has been a major issue. The fish shape style is especially easy to wear and breathe. The nose clip does it’s job. I wear it when working out at the gym. I’m one happy woman. $1.00 per mask is amazing.

KN95 Respirator Face Mask

Talk about perfection……they fit extremely well & give an excellent protection to the user. How impressed am I? I’ve ordered more & will be ordering more to send to my niece. I’ve also shared this product to my family & friends…they’ve ordered too. The best, best mask….in my opinion!

Great masks

I wear this mask for extended periods of time, and it remains comfortable to have on my face. I have tried a number of styles, but I always come back to this one. My only complaint is that this latest order contained nine packets instead of 10. So I was shorted two masks. Other than that, I recommend this mask highly.

Comfortable! Love the fit!

Disposable Mask

3 Ply mask serve their purpose. I use them when I am in tight places with a lot of people and use them as a over cover to my KN95 Mask. Eight hour flight or Major airport waiting place with 5000+ with low ceilings.

Fish shaped KN95

Cheaper than most KN95 masks. Design is very comfortable and doesn't restrict breathing. Thinner than most KN95s. However, it says on the box: "Not for medical use"! WTH? And these are FDA Approved! Go figure...

Love them

So easy to wear and like the fact they are there is room for your mouth, especially when they have to be on for extended times.

Perfect for kids!

Love this for children. One has glasses and the masks prevent the glasses from fogging up