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What people are saying

Based on 61 reviews
This is a great mask!

They hold tightly against my nose, cheeks and chin, so no air enters, nor escapes. They are very safe masks.


The first set we bought was very good but the second set was made with cheaper material (No foam comfort strip on bridge of nose) and ear loops were of less comfortable material and easily came apart.

Great mask for better protection

We feel safer with this mask as it fits really well. I’d had trouble with medical surgical masks leaving a gap on the sides. These do not. Recommend that you give them a try. They are FDA approved snd EUA listed.

So big!

I really like the shape and the nose piece but it’s very large nose to chin. As a hairdresser I need good protection! Every time I tip my head forward to cut hair or look at someone’s hair the mask gets shoved up in my eyes. These masks were super expensive and I’ve tried them twice. It’s a real bummer!

FDA Approved (EUA Listed) KN95 Respirator Face Mask (20/box at $3.00/piece)

Thankful to find

Prompt and better pricing than most around and our team likes the fit best

Really too early to tell. My husband had a difficult time.keeping his nose covered.

Love this mask!

Fits my 7 and 10 year old’s faces perfectly. Plus they are light, and easy to breathe and talk in. Most importantly, they actually provide legitimate protection from virus transmission, unlike cloth masks.

Choose performance over trendiness

Protects others, protects you and doesn’t smear lipstick because isn’t like Saran Wrap over your face

KN95 Mask (box)

Not yet received


I wear these masks over my N95, so I can reuse the N95 and its comfortable to do so

love these

tie back masks are a comfort upgrade from yet another ear tug!

Nice masks

Comfortable and well fitting- would recommend. If you are wearing a mask fitter, these are not quite as comfortable as a surgical style mask, but still works well.

Received Right Away

A good price and they came right away - no waiting for something to get "back in stock". Very good quality masks!

Love these masks.
Didn't like the more expensive and cumbersome N95s I ordered a few weeks back.
The current order masks fit the face and ears comfortably. The prior order fit the face well but the straps that go over the head rather than just the ears, slip and slide.
Thanks so much for all of your good products and service.

Child's Disposable Protective Mask (4/pack at $2.75/piece)

Very good

Very Good fit, fairly comfortable. Still have marks on my face after wearing, but bridge of my nose is more comfortable than most styles, and my loops fit over the mask easily enough

Really nice goggles!

Wonderful goggles. They are comfortable and easy to fit. I am a teacher and feel safe while teaching. I received excellent service from the representative of the company. Quick delivery as well. Highly recommend Fortes Health.


They are good quality, but the price is slightly higher than I would like.

Fit my 7 year old perfectly

I was looking for something that my kid would keep on all day at school and that fits well and effective.

Best n95 mask

Extremely comfortable easy to wash and breathe