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Are you a medical professional or business? Fortes Health provides a streamlined way for your office or hospital purchase Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Healthcare procurement can be complex. Organizations of all sizes must keep costs down, ensure supply consistency, and deal with complex supply chains — all without sacrificing patient safety. Fortes Health provides healthcare organizations like yours with a streamlined, familiar purchasing experience that is designed with their specific needs in mind.

From neighborhood clinics to large hospital systems, Fortes Health simplifies the supply purchasing process for patient care medical products. We help ensure you, your staff, and patients have what they need when they need it.

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N95 Respirator Masks

Designed to provide respiratory protection against airborne diseases and biological contaminants, our disposable N95 particulate respirator masks form a seal around the mouth and nose and efficiently filter ≥ 95% of microparticles. They are fluid-resistant against the splashing and splattering of potentially infectious liquids and bioaerosols. The N95 respirator masks are cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to provide the highest level of protection for healthcare workers everywhere.

Isolation and Protection Gowns

Isolation and protective gowns minimize your exposure risk to potentially infectious liquids and bioaerosols. At Fortes Health, our infection control apparel is manufactured in alignment with the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation standards. From AAMI Levels 1 isolation gowns to Level 4 protection gowns, we have you covered.

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